Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beta's Beta's everywhere (Some are worth a peek)

Been test driving a few beta versions so you, my true believers, can hear from the horse's mouth what is worth trying and what to pass on until a final version arrives. For you linux geeks I submit Ubuntu 10.10. They tweaked the u.i. and addressed the kernal cache issue and updated the installed apps, but there are still some errrrr....let's call them issues. Not real deal breakers, but if you like 3rd party and proprietary media file formats you'll want to wait until they go final because as usual the medibuntu repositories are not compatible with beta versions. Chrome browser, what can I say all of google's services are "beta", so much so I'm thinking google needs to "google" the definition of beta. I mean come on, a web mail service that around a quarter of the english speaking web uses was still in "beta" until recently WTF?!?! Chrome does seem complete to me, but I think google leaves beta in their description so as to leave a back door explaination if their software screws the pooch. Firefox 4 beta's 4 thru 6, umm? can somebody tell me why when most of the other browsers out their are getting faster and using less resources, and firefox is vying for the software system pig of the year award? Used to like the I'm sorta....meh?! This leads me too one of the most anticipated betas recently released (insert suitable fanfare) Internet Explorer 9 (angelic choir singing) and no I'm not a Microsoft fanboi, but the crew from Redmond is sure knocking them out of the park lately, It's fast, the interface takes up so much less screen real estate and a few of it's feature are definately in the "why the hell didn't anybody else do that before" catagory. Tear off browser tabs might just be the web rat's new bestest friend grab a tab on I.E.9's bar and drag it away from the browser and viola' new browser window and you can do the reverse too, drag a tab from one browser window to another etc.etc. Holy crap!!!! I have only just begun to explore the possiblities of combining that concept with windows 7 "snap" feature to compare web text and multiple pages I can honestly say this might speed my web browsing by 15 to 20% unfortunately those of you still on XP are shitoutaluck, guys it's been ten years, seriously, for the sake of the web and internet security, pony up some friggin dough and buy win 7 ya cheap bastages lol. Let me know your thoughts, oh and if you guys are interested in finding out more about a certain piece of software or want me to double check something feel free to ask.

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