Thursday, March 10, 2011

More NewEgg Problems

This is the transcript of a recent customer service chat room session

12:37:55 PM : Please let our Representative know if you have contacted us by email regarding this same issue or question so that we may remove the duplicate request from our systems. Thank you!

12:38:00 PM : Jonathan has joined this session!

12:38:00 PM : Connected with Jonathan. Your reference number for this chat session is 2261047.

12:38:00 PM : Hello my name is Jonathan. How may I help you today?

12:38:21 PM : Jason L Franklin: Yes i had some concerns about a recent order

12:40:09 PM : Jason L Franklin: My order number 87952975 was placed on 3/04/11 and the tracking info says it won't be delivered until 3/16/11

12:40:21 PM : Jason L Franklin: why almost 2 weeks?

12:41:15 PM : Jonathan: I would be glad to assist you with that... Can you please give me one moment while I look into this for you?

12:41:27 PM : Jason L Franklin: no problem

12:44:55 PM : Jonathan: Thank you very much for holding. We are sorry for any inconvenience, however Egg saver may take up to 7 business days to deliver the package. If you have not received the package by 3/16, please feel free to contact back to us.

12:46:23 PM : Jason L Franklin: How is that 7 days? by my count that's 12 days especially since i ordered with expedited processing which is starting to look like the only thing expedited was the money transferred out of my account?

12:48:00 PM : Jonathan: We are sorry. It will take up to 7 business days. The rush processing did succeed. For your reference. Rush processing pushes your order to the front of the processing line and gives it the best possible chance of shipping out the same day it is placed. Your order must be submitted by 12 pm PST and charged by 12:30 pm PST. The billing and shipping address on the order must match. Please be advised that selecting rush processing does not guarantee your order will be shipped out the same day. In some cases, your order will be unable to ship the same day and we will refund the rush processing fee.

12:48:44 PM : Jonathan: If this has caused so much trouble for you, we would like to refund the $ 2.99 shipping fee as compensation..

12:49:38 PM : Jason L Franklin: that is appreciated, but do not expect much return business from my computer repair business

12:50:34 PM : Jason L Franklin: if i ran my business like this I'd be in the bread line and my customer is kind of irritated with me as he's getting tired of excuses

12:51:18 PM : Jonathan: Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience. I have just issued the credit back to your source payment method.

12:52:01 PM : Jason L Franklin: as it is I'm going to have to eat around 45% of my fee from the I've stated before this WILL NOT happen EVER again

12:52:50 PM : Jonathan: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

12:52:55 PM : Jason L Franklin: no


I guess what pisses me off the most is the unmitigated gall of the asshole on the other end, you know the script reading button pusher had the balls to wish me a nice day after I’d just told them I was getting screwed out a fairly tidy sum of cash from their screw up, and all they are willing to do is refund my $1.99 expedited processing fee? FUCK NEWEGG!

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  1. wow, 6 year old blog and no comments, still feel the same way about newegg?