Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Rant About NewEgg

OK, I’ll admit it, my old desktop box is starting to show her age, but I don’t have money flying out my wazoo so I keep upgrading stuff as I find the money. Normally I use various online retailers like Tiger Direct, Zipzoomfly and the demon of the minute, New Egg. I’ve usually had very good luck with newegg, their service has been prompt and support has been exemplary. Lately though….not so much. I just ordered a memory upgrade for the old girl (my computer, not the wife so kiss my patootie) and paid for expedited processing (which I think means expedited monetary removal from bank account) and promptly received an invoice with a tracking number (JOY!!! of joys!!). Said tracking number when checked reads “Shipment Data Received” and has for 4 freaking days! WTF!?!?!? Precisely what the hell does “Shipment Data Received” mean anyway? Jeebus Krash I could have driven to their warehouse, and picked up the damn memory sticks myself and driven back by now. So I’m calling for a war of attrition against New Egg, if you have the means to do it and feel like being evil to a faceless corporate entity I call upon you to order something from new egg and wait 24 hours then cancel the order for a full refund. I’ve found out that each cancelled order costs the company up to 10% of the cost of the item to propagate the refund not to mention the chain of process to remove the order from the shipment stream. If only a few thousand people do this it might make the powers that be realize that expedited processing means expedited ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE SUPPLY CHAIN! Feel free to post this on myspace, facebook, twitter or your own blogs and see if we can make customer service more of a priority in one small area of retail again.

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